What are Rolling Stocks?

Rolling stocks, sometimes called Bouncing stocks or Channeling stocks, are stocks that oscillate (roll) between a high price point (ceiling) and a low point (the floor) for a specific time period. Our proprietary Rollfinder technology seeks out these stocks simple but unique technique identifies these stocks. You can find stocks to buy, stocks to add to your watch list or stocks that are prime targets for covered calls. With our approach you have the potential to make profitable trades.


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What is Channeling Stocks all about?

Each week Myrollingstocks.com reseaches and publishes information on rolling stocks (channeling stocks).What are rolling stocks? By definition, a rolling stock offers at least three buying opportunities in a 12 month period which will each yield as least a 10% return. Rolling stocks move between a support price point (sometimes referred to as the floor) and a resistance price point (referred to as the ceiling). When these stocks visit the price point at the floor level – it is time to pick them up (buying opportunity). When they rise to the ceiling it is typically the time to sell.

How it Works

How to use the chart (Buying a Stock)– Looking at the table above will display the support and resistance levels of the stock – one way to determine where to buy the stock is by buying at or close to the support (in this case $40). Because the support and resistance levels are not always clear cut and defined, another way to determine where to buy the stock (entry point) is by looking at the green arrows that form when the three indicators signal a buying opportunity (the three green arrows will line up vertically).

SYMX -Synthesis Energy -
Support $0.74 and Resistance $1.70


WABC - WestAmerica Bancorporation -
Support $42.15 and Resistance $50.00



    • 70% of all our closed positions are for gains of 50% or greater.
    • The only rolling stocks site recommended in Trader’s Magazine.
    • 10 to 12 exciting stock picks weekly.
    • In keeping with the spirit of SEC regulations, the publisher does not own securities in the companies featured on this web site.
    • NOT a tout sheet. We DO NOT accept payments to recommend companies.
    • Mostly listed stocks - easy to trade - under $15
    • Complete Portfolio Updates
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