Sample Report

We keep preaching that there are price inefficiencies in the market in each and these inefficiencies  create opportunities. These are opportunities to get into a stock when the price is undervalued.  We will publish a list of 10 to 12 stocks each week.  The list of stocks will be very similar to those shown in the table below.  It will highlight the stock symbol, the name of the company, the support and resistance price levels and whether the stock has listed options

Stock Company Name Support Resistance Options
WFM Whole Foods Market $28.75 $34.05 Yes
AGYS AgillysysInc $10.05 $11.75 Yes
GIGM Gigamedia Ltd $2.30 $2.85 Yes
BFIN Bank Financial Ltd $11.75 $12.75 Yes
DEST Destination Maternity Corp $5.05 $8.85 Yes

WFM - Whole Foods Market - Support $28.05 - Resistance $34.05

GIGM - GigamediaInc - Support $2.30 and Resistance $2.85

DEST - Destination Maternity Corp - Support $5.05 and Resistance $9.00

AGYS - AgilysysInc - Support $10.05 - Resistance $11.75

BFIN - Support $11.75 and Resistance $12.75